On The Energies…

Happy 3:3 Portal.  March is bringing us a powerhouse of energies.  That means expect major energy shifts this month.  Tonight we have a powerful Venus and Chiron Conjunction happening.  Chiron is the astroid of all your hurts and healing.  Chiron’s placement can reveal a core wound that you have been working through your entire lifetime.  Many of your past relationships were attracted based on this wounding.  Today’s 3:3 Portal is in alignment with Venus and Chiron.  Giving us a chance to do some deep relationship and past karmic healing.  It may be bringing up old wounds, but this week can be so healing for your Love Life! It’s also a major Twin Flame Portal and a powerful Manifestation Gateway.  Today can be such a romantic day if you’re in a Relationship or a Twin Flame Union.  Time to get excited about the possibilities.  It’s a great day to call in a Union too.  Make sure you’re staying on higher timelines be staying positive about your manifestations and how you’re visualizing your future.  This is helping you to create it! Things are getting physical as the 7th is a Virgo Full Moon.  Today may be a rest day for some.  It just depends on how you’re processing all of these high frequency energies.  It’s all about working with the spiritual energies today.  It’s a huge activation day. Doing healing work helps you to integrating new codes for your ascension.  The Equinox is huge this year! Expect massive waves of energies as we move through the Aries New Moon that comes with the Equinox.  This month is helping us to clear old energies and to shift into the new.

art: @indg0

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