On The Energies…

The energies are so high and still will be over the next few days.  This Capricorn Season is great for getting organized right now.  If there are things you’re not using getting rid of them.  It’s a great time to do a deep cleaning of your home and other spaces.  Make sure you’re getting all of the corners and other little spaces you may not clean as ofton.  Seeing if there are things that you may need, or do need.  It’s all about the energy right now.  The next few weeks are powerful for doing clearing and healing work.  We are in a huge space for the activations we are receiving.  Sirius is rising and reaches its highest place at Midnight on New Year’s Eve.  Powerful energies for tapping into Spirit right now.  You’ll be feeling any deep soul connections that you have from the other side.  As we are raising our frequency we are tapping into other dimensions.  Ones we will find are right here in the same place.  Your loved ones have always been here with you.  You’ll begin to feel, sense, and see their energies more and more.  If you’re desiring to connect make space for it.  You’ll be feeling your relationships a little extra right now.  It’s all about the long term right now within them.  We are in Capricorn Season and Mercury Shifts Retrograde the 28th in Capricorn.  It’s all about your dreams, goals, and what you desire right now.  Any Twin Flames may be feeling these energies right now a little extra in a good way.  These relationships connect on a much deeper level.  You’ll know they are the one by feeling extra lit up within the connection right now.  Great energies for some extra self care.  Make sure you’re really taking care of your energy right now on every level.  It’s all about the little things you’re doing for yourself.  Powerful energies for manifesting and getting back on track, or shifting into a deeper alignment with your Divine Plan.  Tapping into your Divine Plan more and the path ahead.  Great time to be making that manifesting list.  It’s a great time to start a journal on your dreams and manifestations.  This will help you with manifesting the year ahead.

art: @glittsparkles

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