On The Energies…

We are feeling tonight’s Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse.  These are intense energies which are meant to better align you with your path.  If situations or people are being Eclipsed out of your life let them.  Autumn is where we release the energies of the past year.  Some of the things you have been holding on to, have been holding you back.  Today marks the start of a powerful two week Eclipse Gateway that we will travel through.  Scorpio is a super intuitive energy.  Pay attention to your guidance right now.  We are only a few days from Samhain/ Halloween.  That means the veil is wide open.  That means you can walk between worlds right now.  These energies are huge for any changes or shifts you want to make.  That means you may be seeing so much more of the spiritual and magic that is all around us.  You may be seeing spirits, fairies, ufos, or the supernatural right now.  We are clearing so much right now.  You have to completely change your thoughts, and how you’re seeing things to change your reality.  This comes down to clearing a lot of thoughts, and programs that are not serving us.  It’s up to each person to master their own Ascension Work too.  Trust the vibes you’re picking up on right now.  During this Eclipse Gateway you may be feeling a psychic sixth sense, a feeling or knowing, seeing glimpses of the future, or connecting more with friends and family during the dream space.  Pay attention to what is coming up and coming through for you.  Things may feel emotional or even amazing right now.  It all depends on where you’re at with your energy.  This Eclipse Gateway is going to activate your nodes of fate.  This means more of your destined path will be coming online.  Things will be getting more clear.  Your destiny has been written in the stars, long before you ever came here.  Your north node is so important for where you will end up on this journey.  It’s also very much connected with your souls origins and where you come from.  Your north node also is a map of your mission.  That means this Eclipse is going to make what comes next for you more visible.  Expect major upgrades this Eclipse season that are very much connected to your destiny.

art: @shinewonderland

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