On The Energies…

We are going through a Triple Eclipse Gateway.  Today’s Strawberry Full Moon In Sagittarius is also a Lunar Eclipse.  We will have a Solar Eclipse with the next New Moon in two weeks.  We have entered a powerful space during the next two weeks.  The space in between the Eclipses is a powerful Gateway.  We are going to go through a lot of upgrades this month.  A lot of people are already feeling how intense these energies are.  When we come through the other side of this gateway, we pass through the Ring of Fire.  We also have tons of solar flares hitting us.  Last weekend we saw the biggest solar flare to hit this planet in three years.  These energies are full of codes and activations.  We are also approaching the Summer Solstice.  So this month will be full of some amazing energies that we can be using.  We have 6/6 portal tomorrow as well.  This is a powerful time for healing.  While these energies may be lighting a fire within, Eclipses are a time to recalibrate our energy.  We have also entered into a pre-retrograde shadow, as Mercury shifts into retrograde June 18th.  While we did enter Eclipse Season this week many are forgetting Retrograde Season is not over.  Issues from the past have been surfacing as well as any unresolved karma.  There will be 6 planets in retrograde this month.  Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are all retrograde this month.  Let’s not forget we have several asteroids adding to the cosmic energies.  What an exciting time to be here!  We are instant manifesting in these energies, so stay very positive as your going through these shifts! They will be huge! That means we can really tap into them to do big things.

I’ll be doing a virtual group online meditation tomorrow.  I love using these energies.  This will take place in our 6/6 portal group we have set up on Facebook.  You just purchase your ticket and we email you the link to join the group.  We are being asked to assist the planet by coming together for more group meditations.