On The Energies…

We continue through the Eclipse Gateway.  This two week Eclipse Gateway is going to continue to bring a lot of Energies.  The energies of both Eclipses merge together acting as a bridge that shifts us into a higher state of consciousness.  It’s the best time to be tapping into the Energies.  When we talk spiritual we are talking energy.  Your angels, guides, loved ones, and even Source are an energetic form.  It’s something you have to feel, or sense.  The energies are so high and you should still be feeling bursts of energy from last weeks Solar Eclipse.  As we are getting closer and closer to May 15th’s Lunar Eclipse the blocks are coming up.  Your becoming more aware of things you need to clear, or things that have been blocking you.  With ascension it’s going to bring everything to the surface.  That’s why it’s so important that your learning how to tune into your energy, and how to keep it more clear.  We are feeling the energies of that Total Scorpio Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse already.  Over the next week in these energies self care is so important.  Make sure your recharging and taking care of yourself a little extra.  Scorpio can be an intense energy, but it’s known to be sexy, and brings a deeper transformation, and even inner alchemy.  Taurus Season is trying to teach us to slow down.  The energies of Taurus Season will continue to be amazing for relationships.  Things may be coming up in these areas right now.  Eclipses always have a tendency to bring up things from the depths of the shadows, they reveal what is hidden.  We also have Mercury getting ready to shift Retrograde.  It will be Retrograde during the next Eclipse, thru 5/10- 6/3.  That’s why we have major heal and clear the past vibes going on right now.  This Retrograde may be Rocky for some.  It’s all about releasing what needs to be released from your life.  Scorpio always brings Phoenix rising from the Ashes vibes.

art: @visualsby_eli

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