On The Energies…

The next 48 hours will be very intense energetically.  We are at a k4 index already.  This energy will lead us into the last wave of 444 energy and the closing of that portal.  We also have a New Moon In Taurus which will be anything but subtle.  This third wave of energy also happens to arrive on Earth Day.  Many are feeling these energies and the upgrades they have been bringing with them.  Taurus Season will bring with it some of the most powerful energies of the year.  We can expect anything not aligning with love to fall away during this time.  Too many people need to reprioritise during this time.  This energy will be bringing with it many lessons regarding the materiel.  It also will be pushing us to step into our power.  We are going to see many things play out across the collective in the next several years.  We are seeing a shift in energies as we continue to go up in frequency.  Many are still struggling to adjust to these energies.  Regardless of what it may look like there is a healing that is occurring.  This 444 portal is getting us ready for the many activations coming in May.  This is also a time of the Goddess.  Many people are going to feel an upgrade to their senses during this time as well.

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