Twin Flame Reunion



twin flame reunion
You come back together with your twin flame as a reunion once you complete yourself as a person. If you are broken or looking for a relationship to fulfill you that is what you will attract back. This is why when we are broken we attract back broken people. Twin flames are two bodies from one soul, that chose to incarnate to Earth to experience duality. We all came here to learn and to grow in some way. The point is to come here and to create separate identities as souls then to reunite. Once you are reunited the goal is to live in peace, love, and harmony and to ascend. The purpose of this relationship is so you can face yourself. This is your gift from the Divine to help you expand and raise your consciousness together. Any work you can do now will affect both of you, even if you are still choosing separateness. The reason for this is twin flames have the exact same vibration, as in even apart you share the same energy. This is why anything lowering your vibration will lower your twins vibration as well. Any inner work you are doing will impact your twin because you only have one soul.