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Dark Night Of The Soul/ Spiritual Purging

I know a lot of you have been feeling intense purge symptoms at different times.  This can look like intense, pain, grief, or sadness.  It can look like intense fear coming to the surface, or feeling panicked, or lost.  It can even look like not feeling good, feeling tired, or sick.  This process we are all going through is playing out in every area of our lives.  Many are suddenly experiencing huge shifts.  This can look like having to move suddenly, losing jobs, or being guided to quit there jobs, or going through relationship endings.  We are moving through a lot of transition fast.  There may be a dark night of the soul or a complete crumbling occurring.  An inialation or destruction of the old self must happen.  Spiritual depression can indicate your moving to a new level in the near future, or that you have outgrown things where your at now.  Different things can trigger your spiritual awakening.  You could be going through a death or a breakup.  You may be sad about how your life is, at having to surrender control.  Your ego may be fighting this process.  This is the space where we will do the deepest healing work.  There is a lot coming to the surface for healing, meaning you must be doing some type of shadow work.  This requires you to go into your darkest depths to transmute any past wounds into the light.  These energies are bringing past energies, experiences, and connections up for review.  That’s why energy healing will help you so much with the process.  These energies may be bringing up deep feelings, and even deep past life wounds.  They are helping us to clear the root causes of a lot of issues fast.  Your being guided to rise up out of who you once were.  This is a journey about becoming your highest self.  It’s also in this space we are planting the seeds for our future.  Continue to work on making your dream life your path.   This will help to inspire and uplift you.  Remember it’s out of the darkness that we rise into the light.

Twin Flame Reunion

twin flame reunion
You come back together with your twin flame as a reunion once you complete yourself as a person. If you are broken or looking for a relationship to fulfill you that is what you will attract back. This is why when we are broken we attract back broken people. Twin flames are two bodies from one soul, that chose to incarnate to Earth to experience duality. We all came here to learn and to grow in some way. The point is to come here and to create separate identities as souls then to reunite. Once you are reunited the goal is to live in peace, love, and harmony and to ascend. The purpose of this relationship is so you can face yourself. This is your gift from the Divine to help you expand and raise your consciousness together. Any work you can do now will affect both of you, even if you are still choosing separateness. The reason for this is twin flames have the exact same vibration, as in even apart you share the same energy. This is why anything lowering your vibration will lower your twins vibration as well. Any inner work you are doing will impact your twin because you only have one soul.