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Accessing The Akashic

accessing the akashicThe Akashic is within the astral realms, above it to be exact.  It’s usually something people who had a lot of trauma or death experiences people can access, more easily.  It’s an energy that is readable and translatable.  This is an electromagnetic energetic imprint of everything that’s ever happened in the Universe, or ever will.  It’s a vibrational filing system.  The past, present, and future are constantly changing if you understand the natures of reality.  Each action has an entire cycle of cause and effect that follows it.  Your smallest choices create a ripple effect through humanity.  Your Akashic access is stored in your DNA along with everything else.  Your DNA contains a blueprint to all that is.  It has infinite recoding potential.  Hence the hijacking of humanity.  Everyone was reduced to a two strand helix of DNA, thus enslaving and polarizing humanity.  This creates the nature of duality.  The struggle of light and dark was coded into our DNA, encoding the template for humanity.  When we activate our DNA we reconnect to the star systems.  We replace any damaged strands, which then heals and negative mental programming.  Your cellular body is then upgraded to once again holding the cosmic patterns and sacred geometry grids that you need.  You will get your memories back this way and will only be able to access the Akashic through this DNA activation process.  Check out our DNA activation.

Check Out Our New Shamanic Healing Classes

Shamanic Healing ClassesShamans access the spiritual realm to heal.  This is done by restoring and removing energetic pathways, recovering soul splits, communicating with the spiritual, and tuning into the spiritual aspects of illnesses.  With any kind of healing comes great responsibility.  Shamanism allows you to access other realms.  It allows you to transform what you have learned, into the physical.  Shamanism is to spiritually travel.  Sign up today in our class section!


There are Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga. These come from a blend of 5,000 year old Vedas and modern yoga. It’s so important that we all learn balance, as we are all mind-body-soul complexes. Yoga is a tool that you can use to bring your body into alignment with the cosmos. The intent we should all should have is to improve all aspects of our lives.

  1. The Law of Pure Potentiality- We are all made of pure consciousness, this is our essence. Consciousness is the infinite Source of all that exists. Since you are part of consciousness, you are also infinite.

  2. The Law of Giving and Receiving- These laws are both different expressions of the energy flow of the Universe. The Universe works on an dynamic exchange. To stay in the flow you must give so your open to receive.

  3. The Law of Karma- This is sometimes known as cause and effect. Every action will generate a force of energy of the same kind. If you choose an action out of love then love will come back to you, if you choose an action out of hate you will get hate back to you.

  4. The Law of Least Effort- If your motivated by love then it’s easy to get anything you want. It’s best not to resist the Universe, this makes things easier. When you tap into love, you tap into consciousness which allows you to do less and accomplish more.

  5. The Law of Intention and Desire- intent is everything to getting what you desire. It’s best to become quiet and to be clear about your intentions. When you send your intent into the Universe you are using your intent to harness infinite potential.

  6. The Law of Detachment- Everything is always unfolding perfectly, and according to your Divine plan. You never have to struggle, or worry. You can intend for everything to work out, and it will. Take actions and allow opportunities to emerge.

  7. The Law of Dharma- Everyone has a Dharma, or purpose in life. We are all on a unique soul mission. By using your gifts to serve others you will find unlimited love. This is true abundance. This is the only path that will ever fulfill you.

Spiritual Merge

My twin flame and I just had a profound spiritual experience together. We just had an amazing spiritual merge that was so amazing. Energetically we are reaching higher and higher dimensions together. It is so amazing be seeing these amazing things! This love is taking us so deep!

Offering Reiki Training

Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the healer can channel energy into the patient through touch, this activates the natural healing process of the patients body and restores physical and emotional health. Reiki is a Japanese concept that means “Universal life energy.” Mikao Usui describes this energy as “the power is unfathomable, immeasurable, and being a Universal life force, it is incomprehensible to man.” We are now teaching and attuning people to Tsui Shiki Ryoho Reiki… Check out our store for more info on reiki training.

5 Tips ForAstraltravel

Astral travel is something that happens when the mind leaves the physical body to roam around the parallel astral plane. You can go anywhere in the Universe and you can even meet other conscious entities that are also there.

  1. Study the process of actually Astro-traveling. Read up on it so you understand the process a little bit better. It’s like anything else, you will master it by learning more about

  2. Find a teacher- this is an acquired skill so learning from someone who has already mastered this is the best way to master it. Hearing other people’s experiences will prepare you.

  3. Invoke the help of your astral guide, as in everyone has one. This is something that will also help you on your journey to the 5th dimension.

  4. Make sure you are healthy, as I if you have a weak body it’s harder to Astro-project.

  5. Use sounds, like binaural beats, certain frequencies will induce out of body experiences. These sounds can alter your brainwaves and help you Astro-travel.

The Universal Law of Soul Evolution

The Universal law of Soul Evolution means that everyone on Earth shares the goal of spiritual evolution. We all incarnated here to evolve spiritually. We do this by rising above the reptile fear based program of 3D, and learning unconditional love. As we raise our vibrational state we move into harmony with everything and everyone. Even those that appear are not choosing to evolve are making progress. Everyone is exactly where they should be. You raise your vibration by making positive choices in your life, you do this from a heart centered place. Everything is energy, including your vibration. When you have lots of positive energy it raises the vibration of every cell in your body. As a healer I know that when I heal someone I am helping that person, but I am healing myself as well. This same law can be applied to lower vibrational things. If you watch a negative television show it will lower your vibration and keep you in a state of fear. You incarnated here to learn certain lessons while fulfilling your soul contracts. This may involve various karmic relationships. Any karmic relationship you are in will present you a chance at ending the wheel of karma. The end goal is peace, love, and harmony. You find happiness through having as many experiences as possible. You can end the wheel of karma and use better judgement to find a better partner, or you will continue to experience these painful lessons of the 3rd dimension.





Twin Flame Reunion

twin flame reunion
You come back together with your twin flame as a reunion once you complete yourself as a person. If you are broken or looking for a relationship to fulfill you that is what you will attract back. This is why when we are broken we attract back broken people. Twin flames are two bodies from one soul, that chose to incarnate to Earth to experience duality. We all came here to learn and to grow in some way. The point is to come here and to create separate identities as souls then to reunite. Once you are reunited the goal is to live in peace, love, and harmony and to ascend. The purpose of this relationship is so you can face yourself. This is your gift from the Divine to help you expand and raise your consciousness together. Any work you can do now will affect both of you, even if you are still choosing separateness. The reason for this is twin flames have the exact same vibration, as in even apart you share the same energy. This is why anything lowering your vibration will lower your twins vibration as well. Any inner work you are doing will impact your twin because you only have one soul.