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  • Accessing The Akashic



    The Akashic is within the astral realms, above it to be exact.  It’s usually something people who had a lot of trauma or death experiences people can access, more easily.  It’s an energy that is readable and translatable.  This is an electromagnetic energetic imprint of everything that’s ever happened in the Universe, or ever will.  It’s a vibrational filing…

  • Check Out Our New Shamanic Healing Classes

    Check Out Our New Shamanic Healing Classes

    Shamans access the spiritual realm to heal.  This is done by restoring and removing energetic pathways, recovering soul splits, communicating with the spiritual, and tuning into the spiritual aspects of illnesses.  With any kind of healing comes great responsibility.  Shamanism allows you to access other realms.  It allows you to transform what you have learned,…

  • Yoga

    There are Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga. These come from a blend of 5,000 year old Vedas and modern yoga. It’s so important that we all learn balance, as we are all mind-body-soul complexes. Yoga is a tool that you can use to bring your body into alignment with the cosmos. The intent we should…

  • Spiritual Merge



    My twin flame and I just had a profound spiritual experience together. We just had an amazing spiritual merge that was so amazing. Energetically we are reaching higher and higher dimensions together. It is so amazing be seeing these amazing things! This love is taking us so deep!

  • Offering Reiki Training

    Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the healer can channel energy into the patient through touch, this activates the natural healing process of the patients body and restores physical and emotional health. Reiki is a Japanese concept that means “Universal life energy.” Mikao Usui describes this energy as “the power is…

  • 5 Tips ForAstraltravel

    Astral travel is something that happens when the mind leaves the physical body to roam around the parallel astral plane. You can go anywhere in the Universe and you can even meet other conscious entities that are also there. Study the process of actually Astro-traveling. Read up on it so you understand the process a…