5 Tips ForAstraltravel

Astral travel is something that happens when the mind leaves the physical body to roam around the parallel astral plane. You can go anywhere in the Universe and you can even meet other conscious entities that are also there.

  1. Study the process of actually Astro-traveling. Read up on it so you understand the process a little bit better. It’s like anything else, you will master it by learning more about

  2. Find a teacher- this is an acquired skill so learning from someone who has already mastered this is the best way to master it. Hearing other people’s experiences will prepare you.

  3. Invoke the help of your astral guide, as in everyone has one. This is something that will also help you on your journey to the 5th dimension.

  4. Make sure you are healthy, as I if you have a weak body it’s harder to Astro-project.

  5. Use sounds, like binaural beats, certain frequencies will induce out of body experiences. These sounds can alter your brainwaves and help you Astro-travel.