There are Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga. These come from a blend of 5,000 year old Vedas and modern yoga. It’s so important that we all learn balance, as we are all mind-body-soul complexes. Yoga is a tool that you can use to bring your body into alignment with the cosmos. The intent we should all should have is to improve all aspects of our lives.

  1. The Law of Pure Potentiality- We are all made of pure consciousness, this is our essence. Consciousness is the infinite Source of all that exists. Since you are part of consciousness, you are also infinite.

  2. The Law of Giving and Receiving- These laws are both different expressions of the energy flow of the Universe. The Universe works on an dynamic exchange. To stay in the flow you must give so your open to receive.

  3. The Law of Karma- This is sometimes known as cause and effect. Every action will generate a force of energy of the same kind. If you choose an action out of love then love will come back to you, if you choose an action out of hate you will get hate back to you.

  4. The Law of Least Effort- If your motivated by love then it’s easy to get anything you want. It’s best not to resist the Universe, this makes things easier. When you tap into love, you tap into consciousness which allows you to do less and accomplish more.

  5. The Law of Intention and Desire- intent is everything to getting what you desire. It’s best to become quiet and to be clear about your intentions. When you send your intent into the Universe you are using your intent to harness infinite potential.

  6. The Law of Detachment- Everything is always unfolding perfectly, and according to your Divine plan. You never have to struggle, or worry. You can intend for everything to work out, and it will. Take actions and allow opportunities to emerge.

  7. The Law of Dharma- Everyone has a Dharma, or purpose in life. We are all on a unique soul mission. By using your gifts to serve others you will find unlimited love. This is true abundance. This is the only path that will ever fulfill you.