Sexual Energy

Tantric sex has Hindu origins, it is ancient. It is the weaving and expansion of energy. This can create a mind-body connection and can lead to powerful organisms. It is actually a spiritual practice that expands consciousness and joins together the polarities of the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine energy into a whole. This is an act of merging two halves of a soul back into one, or oneness. This sacred marriage only works with your twin flame. It is really important that you are aware that when we have sex with anyone we are participating in an energy exchange of sorts. If you are merging with the wrong person it can have very bad effects on your energy and can be draining. Sex was meant to be used as a key to psychic power, but some people give away their power by giving their love to the wrong people. Sexual energy is just one dimension of many on our spiritual paths, but we must become more aware in all of our relationships. The highest expression of love is two halves of the same Source merging back into one. This love is a spiritual awakening and a way to connect with your beloved.

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