White light for purification

As you know everything is made of energy. You are a multi-dimensional being with your own vibrational frequency, as in an entire microcosmic Universe! Your aura, or the energy field that surrounds your body, is made up based on your thoughts, ideas, and how you view the world. It is your vibrational frequency that determines what and who you attract into your life as well. Once you understand that you are energy you can begin to shift your focus and consciously manifest anything you want in your life. Spiritual cleaning, or purification, is a type of psychic detoxification. It’s a way to purge and clean your aura.

The best ways to do this are:
-Take control of your mind, as in the thoughts…
-take time out of your life to pray and meditate more, this will consciously shift you into a higher vibration
-spend time in nature and stay grounded, spend time in nature barefoot
-make your house a sacred space, as in a spiritual heaven where you can connect with the Divine
-spend more time in water… water in any form will heal you
-use white light, we sell white light oil which is amazing for purifying.. you can purchase it in our store…