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An Energy Update…

March always brings an ton of Cosmic Energies, and an acceleration to our lessons.  We have a lot of powerful alignments and energies that will continue to play out the rest of the month.  We have a New Moon in Pisces Saturday.  The Dreamy Vibes will continue as we are doing a lot of thinking about our future in these energies.  We are clearing a lot of negative energies fast, as we adjust to the powerful waves of high vibrational energy coming into the Planet.  This weekends Pisces New Moon will be acting as a Portal into next weeks Spring/ Autumn Equinox.  The Equinox is a powerful gateway point on the astrological wheel of the year.  The Sun will be shifting into the first sign of the zodiac, Aries.  This will mark the start of the astrological new year.  This energy will be bringing a change in the seasons, and the fire, literally.  Expect a ton of Solar Codes and Solar Storms.  On the Equinox the Sun will cross the celestial equator.  The angle, in which the Earth faces the Sun, causes cracks to open up in the Earth’s atmosphere.  These cracks occur from the build up of energies.  These cracks let more Cosmic Energies through.  These are Galactic Energies reaching us from the Central Sun.  This makes the Equinox a Powerful Cosmic Portal.  The Earth is also awakening during this time.  This is a powerful time to be connecting with the Earth or the Ley Lines.  The Ley Lines are powerful channels of energy and become very active this time of year.  During this time the veil is really thin.  Other dimensions and the spiritual realms really open up.

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On The Energies…

We are beginning to emerge from the last wave of Ascension Energies that just came in.  March always brings a ton of Cosmic Energies.  This weekend’s Pisces New Moon will be bringing some New Energies with it.  We are going to continue to receive a ton of Light Codes over the next few weeks.  That means lots of DNA Upgrades.  You may be having sleep issues, tingling or itchy crown chakra, headaches, flu like symptoms, aches and pains, feeling emotional, having old stuff come up, or even increased sensitivity.  This week we have some powerful astrological alignments.  The 9th-11th The Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn will form a Cosmic Triangle.  This energy will be shining it’s light, to make your path more clear.  That means this is a powerful space for clearing any karma, or anything blocking you from living fully in the 5th Dimension.  The New Moon is bringing some amazing energies with it.  The Sun, Moon, Venus, and Neptune will all be in Pisces.  That makes this one of the most romantic times of the year.  It’s an amazing time to turn your story into a love story! Expect lots of positive plot twists as well.  3/13 is also a big Galactic Gateway.  Expect a ton of energies from Sirius.  Sirius is the Spiritual Sun of our Sun.  This weeks Pisces New Moon Gateway will be taking us into the energies of the Spring Equinox.  The Spring Equinox is a powerful portal.  The veil is going to be really thin all month.  That’s why your feeling so much more of the spiritual right now.  This is the best time to work on activating more of your spiritual abilities.  It’s also a powerful space for manifestation.  The best way to use this energy is to daydream about the life you want, or even who you want to be.

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On The Energies…

It’s a New Week and New Energies.  Back in December we had the Great Conjunction (Christmas Star) that occurred  between Jupiter and Saturn.  Jupiter and Saturn have been slowly drifting apart since then.  This week we have a Rare Conjunction occurring.  Mercury is now coming into view, and the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn will all Align.  These planets are forming a Planetary Triangle.  That’s why many of you are feeling the Energies more intensely right now.  This week also brings a New Moon in Pisces.  This New Moon will bring some special energies.  The Sun, Moon, Venus, and Neptune will all be in Pisces.  That means this energy is all about relationships, love, and romance.  This energy is pushing us to bring more of the spiritual into our relationships.  This New Moon will be be making your Fate or Destiny more clear.  Expect to have more vivid dreams during this time, an increase in telepathy, and even tuning into people’s thoughts and emotions.  You may, be even feeling more of the supernatural right now.  The Energies will continue to build as we prepare for the Spring Equinox.  Expect to continue through some intense clearing until then.  This is a great energy for decluttering, or continuing to release the old.  March also brings a ton of Galactic Energies from Sirius and Orion.  We also will have a fly by from the Astroid Apophis this weekend.

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