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Full Moon In Pisces…

Tonight’s Full Moon is it’s own portal that will carry us into the Autumn Equinox.  Lots of deep emotions are rising up with today’s Pisces Full Moon.  We are clearing some deep karma across the collective.  Many of you are Starseeds and are assisting in the clearing some of these karmic energies.  As our DNA is activating many are remembering. There is a lot of releasing that is occurring as we are being encoded.  Many of you are remembering that your soul has Galactic origins and are longing for home.  Your remembering you came from the stars, only some of you have no home to go back to.  That’s why this mission is so very important.  Many memories from Mintaka and Orion are coming to the surface during this time.  This is triggering feelings of abandonment in some.  You may have lots of inner child stuff surfacing.  Know this is a cleansing that is occurring.  We are being given a chance to heal like never before.  These energies only amplify what’s going on internally.  They show us our true selves.  This Full Moon is shining a light on any blockages you may have.  Many of you have learned how to protect yourselves by putting barriers up.  We are now being asked to expand in every way.  It’s time to open up fully to love.  Any resistance is what we must heal.  It’s time to do some deeper heart chakra work.  We are still very much between worlds.  Many of you may sense your moving between different realms and dimensions.  Your becoming more and more multi-dimensional.  You may feel like your in a dream at this time.  We are, and a lot of waking up is remembering that.  We are very much tuning into the Divine Feminine at this time as well.  Many are feeling a surge of emotions and an increase in there intuition.  September will bring a lot of balance and healing to the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.  Tonight’s Full Moon in Pisces is also bringing a lot of Pleiadian energies with it.  We also can expect a lot of dolphin energy with it.  Dolphins are very connected to the Moon and water.  They also can communicate with the Pleiadians.  This is a powerful time to do some deeper meditation or to connect with your Lemurian aspects.  It’s a great time to charge your crystals.  I recommend working with some blue crystals or even moonstone this shift.  It’s also a great time to take a salt bath or to connect with water in any way.  Perfect energy for finding your inner mermaid- or merman.

We are doing a live guided meditation today for the Full Moon.  You just sign up and we give you the link…


On The Energies…

There is so much magic in the air.  We are still in a geomagnetic storm.  We are in a very powerful solar wind stream right now.  We have tons of incoming waves of ascension energies and they are picking up in intensity.  Tomorrow we have a Full Moon in Pisces.  This will be our final Moon of the Summer.  This will be the Corn Moon.  September’s Full Moon is usually the Harvest Moon, so this anomaly only occurs every few years.  Our Harvest Moon will occur on October 1st this year.  The October 1st Harvest Moon is the Full Moon closest to the Autumn Equinox.  The Autumn Equinox is September 22 and we can expect it to bring some intense upgrades with it.  We are feeling a lot of purging and releasing with the energy.  All of this Pisces energy has us half way in the other realm.  There are many worlds and portals open now.  We are feeling lots of otherworldly energy.  This energy feels extra dreamy right now.  It feels calm, but it’s anything but.  We are manifesting every though we have right now.  Stay very positive this shift.  This energy is anchoring us into the final part of the year.  It’s up to us to get more creative.  Expect an increase in your psychic awareness at this time.  It’s important that we remember nothing is random and there are no coincidences.  Pay attention to the synchronicities that your seeing.  They are meant to act as a guide for you.  The Universe is always communicating with us.  It’s important that we are learning how to better recognise the signs and messages that we are receiving.  Your angels and spirit guides are really trying to get you what you need at this time.  It’s just up to you to become more clear with your manifestations.  Pay attention to the things that are surfacing for you.  We all have a lot of healing that we are working on at this time.  This Full Moon energy is great for shining a light on what lies underneath.  Today we also have an asteroid (2011 ES4) making a fly by through our Earth- Moon system.  Space rocks tend to add to the energies and give them and increase in power.  Last night the Aurigids Meteor Shower reached its peak.  However, this meteor shower will continue on until September 6th.  This is the last meteor shower of the year.  These meteors usually appear to be blue or green and are also adding some magic to the energies.  We also had a warning being issued regarding the space weather and a possible solar event.  All of the energies coming into the Planet are for sure being noticed more and more.  These energies are perfect for healing, and rituals.  It’s the perfect time to sage or to charge your crystals.

We are coming together for a meditation tomorrow.  Don’t miss it! You do have to sign up to get the link!


On The Energies…

We are not just daydreaming in this energy, we are creating.  We may have shifted into Virgo Season, but we are getting ready for next weeks Full Moon in Pisces.  This energy is all about you stepping into your power.  It’s time to really tune into the magic coming from within.  September 1-2 we will have our final  and third Moon of the Summer.  This is the Corn Moon, which may throw you off a little.  September’s Full Moon is usually the Harvest Moon.  In two out of three years the Harvest Moon is in September.  Our Harvest Moon this year will occur on October 1st.  This will be the Full Moon closest to the Autumn Equinox.  The Autumn Equinox is September 22 and we can expect it to bring some powerful energy with it.  As we move towards Autumn we are clearing a lot of karma.  This season you will reap what you have sown.  This can be taken as very positive too.  This is meant to be a time if very positive energies that bring abundance.  It’s really time to get to work as we prepare for the Winter Season.  This Full Moon in Pisces will be extra powerful.  Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and one anchored in otherworldly energies.  It’s the only sign of the zodiac that lives completely underwater.  We can expect the floodgates to open as we can see way past the veil at this time.  We have the Sun in its opposite sign of Virgo.  This really will anchor us to the Earth and the grids.  We have an As Above So Below type of theme going on as these energies merge together.  It’s important to remember how we feel within is always being reflected in our outer reality.  This may be a time to make some changes in your life.  Autumn is meant to bring more balance between the light and dark within you.  It’s a powerful time for bringing more healing to the shadow.  This can be a good time to release or let go of any attachments.  It’s time to declutter and get organised.  This time of year reminds us that nothing lasts forever.  Take some extra time to be grateful for where this journey has brought you.  Expect your psychic abilities to be amplified in these energies.  You may be tuning in through your dreams, or just receiving more understanding and inspiration through the downloads and messages your receiving.  You should be shifting more and more towards the spiritual at this time.  Pay attention to where the energy is guiding you.  This is a really good time to sign up for some online spiritual classes, to get more into astrology, crystals, sage, tarot cards, healing, and meditation.  It’s the perfect time to do a ritual, or a cleansing bath, or just a great time to set some positive intentions for the future.  It’s also a powerful time of year for connecting with your ancestors and loved ones in the other realm.  Really connect with your home and family now.  Lots of people will be baking some delicious treats!  This is a powerful time of year for magic as well as fertility.  Expect a lot of feminine energy and influence.  This year we actually will have thirteen Full Moons.  We also have two Full Moons in October.  Halloween’s will be a Blue Moon.

New Moon In Pisces…

We have a lot of energy streaming in the past few days.  This is a huge adjustment for our physical bodies.  Earlier this week Mercury has gone Retrograde in Pisces.  We also have a New Moon in Pisces Sunday.  Since we have shifted into the element of water there is a huge surge of emotions being felt.  We are going to continue to go up in frequency the next several months.  Many people are feeling under pressure during this time. This Retrograde is reminding us that we can no longer blame others for our situation.  We are being reminded that it’s time to find our inner alignment.  Sunday the Moon and Sun will be in Pisces creating a very dreamy vibe.  This New Moon will be one of the most positive energies of 2020.  We are being encouraged to connect with the spiritual and dream realms during this time.  Have you put your dreams to the side lately or given up on them? Now is time to really think about getting creative or reinspired by some of your past goals and dreams.  The energies coming into the Planet are opening us up to instant manifestation.  All of creation starts with your ideas, daydreams, and intentions.  We also have the Planet of Luck, Jupiter here to assist us all week.  This is an amazing time to join a spiritual group, to do dreamwork, meditate, or even heal your relationships.  Pisces is one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac.  This is an amazing time to do anything pertaining to love.    

If your having a hard time processing this energy I recommend setting up a chakra clearing through our shop…

Full Moon In Pisces…

We have a Full Moon in Pisces on Friday. This Moon is meant to cleanse us for the Equinox. Pisces governs the element of water, which is all about the emotional. We have had huge influxes of energy affecting us on many levels. Any stuck or unresolved emotions are coming to the surface with this energy. Those that are energy sensitive may feel extra emotional. Jupiter and Neptune are in great placements to assist us with our manifesting. If this Moon energy feels heavy to you then it’s meant to bring you some closure. This is a good time to be proud of how far you have come and to release the things no longer in alignment with who your becoming. This Full Moon is in the constellation of Phoenix. Pluto goes through a rebirth, in this constellation. This is a powerful time of transformation for humanity. Pluto represents the underworld or the subconscious. These are powerful elements for healing. Like the Phoenix, we have risen from the ashes time and time again to find ourselves. This is about becoming the most authentic version of yourself. Let your intuition be your guide for navigating these energies. Take care of your energy going through this shift. Neptune can make us more energy sensitive. Neptune rules the spiritual as well as your dreams. This is an amazing time to do some dream work!

Astrology For This New Moon In Pisces

Aries- Time to embrace your inner witch.  Get in touch with your metaphysical side. Enjoy this cosmic energy.

Taurus- Your friends will be your focus the next month.  Time to get social.

Gemini- Time to put some manifesting energy into your job.  This energy is making you more creative.  

Cancer- This energy is making you extra intuitive.  Use your third eye the next month.  

Leo- Your manifesting power is strong right now use it.  Time to tune into your inner magic.  

Virgo- The next Full Moon is In your sign.  Your focus is personal relationships right now. 

Libra- More self care.  Time for a break with this storm.  Work on your day to day routines.  

Scorpio- Your focus should be love.  Let go of any drama in your life.

Sagittarius- You May feel uncomfortable in this ocean of emotions.  You may want to lay low til this storm blows over.  Stay grounded.  

Capricorn- Get ready to be the center of attention! Your getting more popular and are finally starting to be seen! It’s your time to shine.  

Aquarius- Time to focus on your finances.  Things are coming into order stay focused.  

Pisces- Happy Bday! Time to look for the signs the Universe is sending you! Time to think about future goals! 


New Moon Meditation And Activation-Monday

On Monday I’ll be doing a live guided Meditation on Facebook.  I’ll also be doing a New Moon Activation through my website.  I will be working with the energies of Neptune.  This is to activate your own inner knowledge.  This Moon will be unique in its energetic effects.  The Moon energies will last for about 4 weeks.  While this New Moon is in Aquarius it also sits at the midpoint of Saturn sextile Neptune.  This energy is meant to bring us spiritual wisdom and the energy needed to create our dreams.  This New Moon is ideal for self-reflection, dreaming, meditation, and healing.  It’s time we unlock who we really are and our infinite potential.  This activation will better connect you to Source, it a combination of Reiki and Soul Fusion.  It helps better connect you, to better work with these etheric energies.  These astrological alignments are powerful in terms of your past and your future.  This energy is expansive and will enhance your third eye, opening you up to more visual experiences.  Check out our New Moon Neptune Activation in our store to participate! 

Energy Report

Things are about to lighten up with this New Moon In Aquarius.  The energy from January’s eclipses will still be felt through February.  This Now Moon is amplifying the energy on this Planet.  The effects will, in fact, last several weeks.  We have a powerful month astrologically.  On February 18th the Sun will shift into Pisces.  This will be accompanied by Chiron moving into Aries.  This will create a huge cosmic shift, creating a new energetic cycle.  The next Full Moon will be adding an extra dynamic to this shift.  We are at a K3 index currently with this Space Storm.  We are expected to hit K5.  You can expect this energy to feel like an emotional roller coaster.  We are holding on to way to much old programming, that must be let go of.  The things that have been blocking you for far to long are coming to the surface to be released.  There is a huge focus on your inner child right now and clearing any old wounds.  We are on a bridge between worlds.  This New Moon will make your path more clear.  Your intentions have never been more important.  This storm will amplify them and send them back to you.  Focus on love and abundance so you receive these back.  

Stripping Away The Illusion..

Let go of what you think you know about how things should be.  With Neptune in Pisces for the first time in 164 years we will now watch the illusion crumble.  You were always the glue holding it together.  This is the time in which the world will awaken.  Instead of using this as an opportunity for growth many will seek to blame external forces for their circumstances.  Chiron is bringing up old wounds.  We all hold many with these systems.  Past lives we are clearing here and now.  The world is on fire, but it’s out of these flames that a new one will emerge.  Instead of moving forward many are desperately trying to change the old.  You can’t interfere with Divine will.  This is the Universal plan that we are all so much a part of.  We are collectively taking back our power.  For the first time people are revoking their consent, by saying no.  Your voice will create the change your soul so seeks.  People are realising that by not speaking it’s our implied consent.  Now is time to find your voice.  The material has always been temporary, the spiritual infinite.  The 3rd dimension has become the ultimate battle for control.  A war for control over your perception.  Everything about your reality manipulated to change how you view the world.  Out of destruction always comes the space you need to create something new.  As we close up this year allow yourself space to do so.  Clear out the dead frequencies from your life.  This will lift you more then you know.

Chiron Direct In Pisces..

Monday Chiron moves Direct in Pisces.  Mercury moved direct, it will now drag Chiron out of the underworld with it.  Mercury is messenger of the Gods and a guide of souls.  We are being pulled from the subconscious to the conscious now.  Death of the old allows us to create new life.  Chiron in Pisces is giving us the opportunity to release old wounds.  We are clearing and healing an entire cycle of collective pain now.  This is a time to release the energy of the old.  We will continue our tour of the underworld up until the Winter Solstice.  There is a huge emphasis on healing the healers, which became wounded this cycle.  This month is the best time to dream, in any form.  We have lots of Jupiter and Neptune energy.  Jupiter and Neptune are the planets of spirituality, of envisioning something into existence.  Sagittarius is the archer who shoots to the stars.  This is time for you to send your intentions to the Universe for the new year.  2018 was huge in terms of our ascension.  These energies are upgrading and altering our DNA.  This process is similar to the way people alter computer codes.  We are about to enter the new.  New frequencies and new found perspectives.  Neptune will be assisting to dissolve your current reality, for this has always been your illusion.  We are going to start to rebuild the new in 2019, these foundations will be built on dreams.