On The Energies…



Today we have a Mercury and Eris Conjunction.  Mercury and Eris align.  Mercury will be in the constellation of Pisces, and Eris will be in the neighbouring constellation of Cetus.  Eris is all about healing your shadow side.  Eris is often referred to as the 10th Planet in our Solar System.  Eris represents your rebellious side.  It also points to where one’s soul purpose lies.  It’s all about making a powerful stand for what you believe in.  Cetus represents the sea monster or whale sent by Neptune to devour Andromeda.  Cetus is in the area of the sky that contains other water related constellations.  It’s home to Pisces and Aquarius.  This alignment is all about tapping into our gifts, spiritual insights, empathy, and getting artistic.  Eris pushes us to look beyond our known boundaries.  It’s all about facing the parts of ourselves that we may not be comfortable with.  This alignment is healing and can give us deep introspection into our spiritual connections.  It’s all about dissolving the barriers that separate us so we can heal.  Mercury Conjunct Eris brings us a powerful energy for our relationships.  There is potential for intense and transformative communication within your relationships.  These energies are all about disrupting the status quo.  Expect major personal transformation and huge collective shifts that continue to unfold.  It’s all about working on being a better version of yourself.  We are in some high energies.  We have been going through continuous Solar Flare energies, and at that they have been X flares.  Make sure you’re using these energies to manifest and get things done.  You may want to also slow down and do extra energy clearings.

art: @sprinkleofai