On The Energies…



Today we have a Lunar occultation of Neptune.  The Moon and Neptune will meet in the constellation Pisces.  This is a romantic alignment. Expect dreamy energies.  On the same day, the Moon will also be near Mars.  This means the Divine Masculine is going through a lot of emotional healing during this time.  We are in the energies of the 5:5 Portal.  We are flowing through some powerful energies.  This Gateway is all about manifesting our dreams and what we need to do, to make them happen.  It’s also all about love.  Taurus is ruled by Venus the Goddess of love.  Your probably finding that not much matters other then love during this time.  Taurus Season is a time to slow down.  It’s all about reflecting.  It’s all about engaging with the world through our senses and our emotions.  It brings a grounding energy.  It’s all about connecting with the Earth for healing.  Taurus is the most sensual sign of the entire zodiac.  This can be a very seductive sign.  It’s all about tapping into the Divine Feminine energies.  You want to be taping into these energies.  They are like a healing balm for your relationships.  Taurus is a sign that expresses its love through physical touch.  You’ll be feeling extra magnetic to those that you love during this time.  Expect a desire to want to get romantic.  Expect a lot of abundant energies right now and for your manifestations to be coming through extra fast.  We are in a lot of Galactic Energies right now.  Taurus Season is all about working on and up leveling your energy.

art: @blackrosesandsparklythings_