On The Energies…



Today Mars will conjunct with Neptune.  It will shift into Aries in a few days.  These energies are all about making our dreams happen.  These are also romantic energies.  Expect to be getting extra spiritual guidance that comes through to help guide you.  Expect extra psychic insights and visions.  It’s all about following your heart towards your dreams.  We also have a shift of Venus into Taurus tomorrow.  Venus is the Planet that rules Taurus.  Taurus is its favorite sign.  This means Venus is in its prime position until may 23rd.  It will affect all signs in a very positive way.  This period will bring a strong romantic vibe worldwide.  Venus plays the role of a celestial matchmaker.  This alignment is all about bringing your manifestations down to Earth and anchoring your intentions into the physical reality.  This will awaken your senses and sensual side.  You will be craving love, partnership, and commitment.  Venus is the Planet of love, romance, beauty, and money.  Expect those areas to flourish over the next few weeks.  Taurus Season is all about slowing down and actually living life, not to mention actually enjoying it.  It’s a time to get back on track in spreading love and positive energies.  It’s all about creating security and stability in our lives.  The focus will be on love over the next few weeks.

art: @shinewonderland