On The Energies…

Today Pallas shifts Retrograde.  During this time, we’re encouraged to look within ourselves and examine what motivates us.  It’s all about self reflection.  This alignment can help us better understand our inner motivations.  Pallas is Retrograde in Sagittarius until July 9th.  Expect a lot of changes during this time.  Pallas will be making a square and trine with Saturn.  This will bring a lot of healing and clearing of the past, and past karma.  Pallas represents wisdom, strategy, and problem-solving.  This Pallas Retrograde is all about exploring your dreams and rethinking your life plan.  Expect relationships and communication to go wrong, confused, crazy, and even out of control.  This may have us reconsidering our approach to various challenges and finding new solutions.  We are in the Eclipse Gateway.  That heightened energy space in between the two Eclipses.  It’s a powerful place to be.  We can manifest anything we want.  We are too, we are always manifesting what we are thinking about.  That last Lunar Eclipse brought endings and closures.  Our next Solar Eclipse on the 8th will bring beginnings and fresh starts.  Eclipses reveal hidden truths and slam the door on chapters that need closing.  They also open doorways to our destiny.