On The Energies

Tonight our Moon aligns with Regulus.  Regulus is the heart of the Lion.  Regulus is the most royal star.  It means Little King.  It signifies the power of the lion and the strength of kings.  The star Regulus always brings us Spring.  It brings a very Leo like energy.  It’s associated with leadership, power, and great success.  This star has the power to bring great fortune.  Merged with the Moon it’s all about your emotions.  You may feel your emotions are heightened right now, and that you’re feeling other people’s emotions more right now too.  It may be bringing up old emotions.  There is a huge cleansing that is happening emotionally.  Regulus is also associated with the Archangel Raphael.  Archangel Raphael rules over tomorrow’s Virgo Full Moon.  Tonight we also align with Arcturus.  This is bringing a major healing energy.  These energies are helping our soul as it makes it’s travel into higher levels of consciousness.  The Arcturians are master healers.  Both of today’s alignments are helping us to heal and open the heart, so that we can open up to more love.  This Virgo Full Moon is a time to clear any pain or heartache,  it’s all about surrendering control to the Universe.  It’s all about finding more forgiveness so we can clear lower vibratory patterns.  It’s all about opening up to more love, compassion, and gratitude.