On The Energies…

It’s raining down Pleiadian Stars on us.  It’s a Pleiadian Meteor Shower.  The South Taurids are active until November 12.  The North Taurids are active from Oct 13th to Dec 2nd.  Expect fireballs in the sky!  Taurid Meteors are slow moving, but tend to be very bright and can produce fireballs.  It’s Friday the 13th vibes today.  We have our Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse tomorrow.  It’s a Ring of Fire Eclipse too.  The 28th is our Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  Both are dukes by Venus bringing up matters in love and money.  Your personal relationships are in the spotlight this month, especially any romantic ones.  For many this entails clearing work.  Things tend to get Eclipsed off your path if you’re needing it.  The Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse is helping you to come into a greater balance.  This may mean cutting cords and closing out toxic relationships for some.  It’s a great time to be healing any relationship blocks.  For may these are tied to deeper patterns you may be now recognizing.  Finances are also coming up.  Healing blocks around money.  It’s a great time to be doing financial healing work.  Eclipses always lines up with the Nodes of Fate.  These Eclipses together are helping you to drop the karmic baggage.  It’s what you should be moving away from.  They are also activating your Destiny or the path ahead.  It’s what you should be traveling towards.  Expect fated interactions and destined encounters.  This can look like suddenly shifts or even changes in direction.

art: @shinewonderland

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