On The Energies…

Mars has shifted into Scorpio.  Mars is the Planet of drive, ambition, anger, and action.  Scorpio will bring a passionate, intense energy.  Mars also rules Scorpio and is at home here.  This transit is meant to set your desire on fire.  Mars rules your sex life and is a passionate planet.  That means money, power, and sex are coming up.  It’s all about relationships right now.  This alignment is turning the heat up in your love life.  Scorpio also takes us into the Underworld.  It’s entrance to the darker part of the year.  Be mindful of any shadows or shadow work coming up for healing.  The shadow side of Scorpio is jealousy and possessiveness.  you’re learning you can’t hold on to things too tightly. These energies are meant to turn up your drive and to motivate you.  Another shadow of Scorpio energy is pushing yourself too hard, or hitting burnout.  Saturday have our Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse.  The energies are super strong and are encouraging you to heal your relationships.  It’s also a time to rest and reset your energies.  This is also a Ring Of Fire Eclipse.  The Ring Of Fire symbolizes big changes.  It symbolizes Gods Eye.  The Moon will be at her farthest point away from Earth.  This Eclipse also symbolizes protection.  It’s a great time to be doing ritual work.  This Eclipse is great for manifesting love and money.  Eclipses tend to signify beginnings and endings.  It’s all about letting go of past energies right now and moving towards the new.  Eclipses bring a rebirth.  Take care of yourself.  You’re needing it as you shift towards the new.  Eclipses bring huge shifts.  This means new higher timelines lie ahead.


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