On The Energies…

The next 3 days we are still in some very high energies.  We are wrapping up a stretch of Galactic Activations we have been going through, that lasts until the 22nd.  We have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on Oct 25th.  This Eclipse Season is a portal that can fast track everything in your life.  That’s why it’s so important that you are aligned with what you truely want right now.  Eclipses can activate our inner hearts desire.  They also activate and shift us towards our Destiny.  Expect new doors to be opening and things to be aligning like never before.  You’re being reminded to really listen to your inner guidance right now.  This Solar Eclipse is aligned with Venus.  Venus is easy she activates us for love.  It’s the Planet of the Divine Feminine.  Scorpio is also the famous sex sign of the zodiac.  Expect past life connections to be coming up right now.  Some will need to be cleared, others will be moved closer together.  If anything is being “Eclipsed” out of your life right now, let it.  These energies can be amazing for healing your love life and shifting to higher timelines together within relationships.  Expect any issues around money to be coming up.  Look at this Eclipse as bringing a huge soul upgrade.  We have a Total Lunar Blood Moon Eclipse on November 8th in Taurus.  Both of these Eclipses have a Pleiadian connection and bring a lot of Pleiadian Energies.  Those two weeks, while we remain in the middle of the two Eclipses, is so powerful.  It’s own doorway.  The energies are powerful right now for manifestation.  Make sure you’re really focused on what you do want right now.  The veil has dropped, so things should be more clear right now.


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