On The Energies…

Today is the 2:2:2022 Portal.  The space in between the 2:2:2002 Portal and the 2:22:2002 Portal is going to bring a huge influx of energies.  We are feeling the ascension energies like never before.  This space is amazing for healing and manifesting.  Your being encouraged to really focus on the spiritual right now.  We are being encouraged to ditch more of our past programming.  Everyone has a lot coming to the surface fast within these energies.  Your being encouraged to heal and release the past more.  You may be having emotions, feelings, or memories surfacing within these energies.  We are being encouraged to clear the deeper blocks.  Today’s 2:2:2022 Portal is all about the Moon and the energy of the Priestess.  It’s an amazing time to be doing rituals or healing work.  We are seeing a rising of the priestess right now, as she is being restored to her rightful place.  There is a remembering that is taking place.  We are being taught that we much go within for real healing wisdom.  Today’s 2:2:2022 is opening up new pathways for us.  This Gateway will remain open until 2:22:2022. This space in between portals, is its own Gateway and so powerful.  This is a powerful activation portal.  The codes coming in are creating a huge expansion.  They are opening up and expanding our consciousness like never before.  Today’s Portal is huge for Twin Flames.  It’s very much needed to help anchor in union.  It’s only on Earth that we chose to experience a temporary separation.  In the higher dimensions we are always fully in a Divine Union.  Your higher selves are always together, and are always working together.  That’s why it’s so important that we are doing the inner work.  The codes of today’s 2:2:2022 Portal will help bridge this gap.  The goal is always union in the physical.  Fate is working behind the scenes to bring you together if you are in a separation.  The 2:2:2022 Portal is huge for what you are manifesting.  Your being encouraged to really work on yourself right now.  We have Mercury Shifting Direct tomorrow too.  That means Mercury is awakening and getting back to business.  Expect this to be good news for opening up travel.  We can expect our guidance to become more clear too.


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