On The Energies…

We have had explosions happening with our Sun.  Let’s just say the Sun is extra strong right now as we continue to move through yet another Solar Storm.  We have the 22:1:22 Portal Saturday.  We are receiving a huge influx of energies and light codes right now.  Expect next level ascension codes with the 22:1:22 Portal.  We are in a powerful space for what we are creating for the first half of 2022.  The energies we are in now are forming the next 6 months of your life.  They are so powerful and being felt across the collective.  We also have a CME headed towards us.  On the 22nd it’s expected to pass close to Earth, possibly even hitting Earth’s magnetic field.  We have been seeing a lot of unrest around the poles over the past week.  That means you may want to ground, drink extra water, and to work on staying extra balanced.  It’s a good time to work on your chakras and your energy.  We also have shifted into Aquarius Season.  This is going to make the energies a lot lighter.  It’s encouraging us to shift into the power of the mind.  Your being encouraged to tap into more, and too work with your third eye more.  Our thoughts are being amplified within these energies.  Whatever your focused on you will experience, and things are always changing.  Your being encouraged to clear any negative thoughts or energies going on within the mind, so you can tap into more of your psychic gifts.  There is a healing happening on many levels.  Mercury Retrograde may be bringing up things from your past back.  This may just mean memories.  Within these energies we are being pushed to heal/ release more.  There is a clearing occurring of past emotions.  We have a lot of toxins and different energies being pushed to clear.  The 22:1:22 Portal is also such a powerful manifestation gateway.  It’s a chance to bring your ideas and dreams down into the physical.  This is the best time to bring a new spark into your life.  It’s also a huge activation portal.  The next few days are great for doing any energy work.

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