On The Energies…

This month brings us a Supermoon, 3 meteor showers, an eclipse, and some amazing fireballs.  It’s also going to bring us some dark skies. Which is always amazing for stargazing.  We also have the 11:11 Portal and a powerful Pleiadian Portal.  Tomorrow brings us a Scorpio New Moon.  This is also a Supermoon.  That means the Moon will be super close to the Earth.  We will be feeling it so much more then.  This New Moon is going to bring with it some beautiful cosmic energies.  Over the next few days we have a lot of beautiful celestial events that will be shining above us.  Tomorrow’s Super New Moon is part of a pair.  The second of that pair will happen December 4th.  That means we enter into a portal tomorrow, and a cycle that will complete, next month during the Super New Moon in Sagittarius.  This energy is all about kicking off November and the deeper transformation that is happening.  We have entered into an intense phase of this ascension.  We have a lot of clearing work energetically that will occur over the next few months.  It’s also a powerful space for manifestation.  Eclipse Season kicks off in two weeks with the next Taurus Full Moon.  The energies of this Eclipse Season will help to prepare us, and have us ready for the energies of next month’s Solstice.  Eclipses, do however, bring unpredictable energies.  It’s a good idea, to get a plan now, with where your going with your timelines.  Expect the energies to continue to climb until then.  We are also going to continue to see the Solar Energies kicking off over the next few days.  We have been having a lot of flare activity.  Those energies are always good for clearing too.  We can expect this month to bring us a lot of activity in the sky.  We have extra magic in the air, because Meteors and Shooting Stars are amazing for magic.  The Taurids Meteor Shower actually peak the night of the 11:11 Portal.  The Taurids is known for it’s fireballs too.  We also have the peak of the Leonids Meteor Shower with the Full Moon Eclipse the 18th.  This meteor shower will be most active too.  It should bring somewhat of a Meteor Storm with it.  It’s been known to kick off full blown storms at times.  Next month’s Geminids Meteor Shower will also begin with the Solar Eclipse and will peak with the Super New Moon finale.  The stars are aligning in a powerful way right now.  We are also opening up to, and aligning with the Pleiades all month long.  You should be able to see the Pleiades the entire month of November.

art: @crystalartsy1

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