Empathy is your superpower.  The Universe made people that way so we could feel the interconnectedness of all.  If we feel another’s pain we should not be harming others.  When your empathic you have reached a place of absorbing others energies.  If you hold on to these energies they become toxic, we came to transmute.  The empaths are the Healers.  We often draw broken people to us.   If you have had hard lessons in love it’s to teach you energetic boundaries.  It’s to teach you the importance of reciprocated love.  We must learn to flow with the Universe in equal energy exchanges.  This journey is about empowerment and getting back to the healer you once were.  We start with a need to heal ourselves.  We must first become whole again to heal others.  Your being upgraded, so your slowly assimilating more and more energy.  Spend more time on self care and make sure your dissipating any energies your taking on.  More meditation and salt baths are recommended during these changing times.


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  1. Energy Reader Healer Avatar
    Energy Reader Healer

    Namaste Beloved i had a moment of clarity about why were here and you #confirmed it.I’m able to feel more in my solar plexus in the front and back.but we’re dealing with more demons that we will use alchemy tp transmute them, I’ve been saying the violet flame prayer..I’m a being of violet fire I’m the purity God desires.repeat over and over again until you see the color purple in ur 3rd eye..

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