Astrology For April 2017

A lot of the planets visit Taurus throughout this month. This is my sign, it keeps people grounded. So work at staying grounded, get out into nature. Mars will be in Taurus until the 21st. This will give us lots of tasks to do, Taurus is a sign that works very hard. Mercury will be retrograde from April 9-20th in Taurus. Make sure your doing things with a clear and logical plan. The Sun will zoom through Taurus on the 19th. This will awaken our environmental consciousness, It’s time to get outside into the Sun at this point. Taurus is all about money management and anything considered valuable. On the 26th a new moon in Taurus will help with job offers and any investments. Let’s not forget that Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Let’s manifest love and abundance!