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Making Conscious Choices

Making Conscious ChoicesToday is going to be imprinted in my consciousness as a sad day for me.  I am deeply connected to a group of souls that chose to come here and chose hard lessons.  Lessons of forgiveness are not easy when it comes to some losses. I was just telling my sister I can barely remember my Mother.  I have to try very hard to even hold on to the few memories that I have left.  If I try very hard sometimes I can here her real voice.  I’m a healer and I’ve been trying to heal myself and my family for a long time.  A lot of that with me gets lost in projection.  My own lessons have been teaching me how one persons actions and choices can affect an entire consciences group.  My childhood was filled with a lot of separation and darkness.  These choices made by other people, that affected me so greatly, are not random.  We are tied together through our past choices and certain karmic cycles.  In an instant of anger an entire community and an entire soul group experienced a loss.  These actions that I had no control over altered the course of time for so many people around me.  Humanity has yet to understand the interconnectedness of each of our actions and how they influence everyone.  The events in my life that should have been the happiest often were so sad to me to.  I saw birthdays, holidays, weddings and babies being born all without my Mother.  We didn’t just miss her during this celebrations we grieved in ways I doubt people could ever comprehend.  Some of the happiest times in my life, came with a certain heaviness.  I watched an entire soul group go through such a deep pain, that generations later we are all still having issues healing.  A new generation of children is here, and each took on that same karmic pain, and those same heart chakra lessons.  Children who never met her will continue her journey and her lessons, with any added pain their mothers passed on to them.  One persons actions so long ago, I barely can remember, altered the course of time for everyone around them.  While the people around me chose to continue to hold on to that pain, I chose to heal and to channel that into something for the good of humanity.  A lot of my friends will be complaining about their mothers today and sharing memes about gun topics.  I am sitting here, crying for those who are missing my mother, who died from a firearm.  I was having much to deep conversations about how these systems are to blame for everything to do with this.  Not in a way people might think either.  I blame a lot of people for these past events who all worked for these systems in some capacity.  I blame the doctors for putting me on controlled substance by the time I was 10 years old and the amount of medications I was prescribed, the systems that failed me as a child.  These system failures cost my mother her life, and they did not stop there, they failed my entire family.  The police apologized to me after I was an adult.  They said sorry to me that they made mistakes that cost my family any justice.  I was apologized to by my father as well.  I can see every perspective, and I was one of the only ones who could forgive something like that.  My repose was at that time that I had something taken from me that I can not replace.  So while everyone felt bad, and was sorry, I still would never get that back.  These system failures are causing reactions that are affecting all of humanity.  This is not fixable to me in any way.  These failures are taking lives.  Only in becoming conscious and in  taking responsibility for our actions can we move forward. These choices that hurt me so badly are easy to put on someone else.  They were my past actions as well as yours.  At some point we must stop all of this by taking responsibility for all of it, only then can we can move on…

Energy Report For May 2 2018


energetic alliances

I just wanted to let you know that important counsels were held about you today. These counsels are being held in regard to the future of humanity, which is completely intertwined with you.  Powerful energetic conjunctions are forming, elements aligning with the power in unity.  These counsels are formed through love and a desire to serve.  Universal matches based on specific galactic missions.  Today was monumental for the course of humanity.  These energetic alliances coming together will bring with them the original soul languages of love as well as true peace and liberation.

The Flame As An Internal Energy


 the flame as an internal energy

As we are reaching new energetic levels that we have yet to understand our energetic understanding will continue to become outdated.  I want to change this perspective of a twin flame from a person your seeking to an energy.  Your seeing as the frequencies are rising people will not be able to remain connected to the same people’s energy fields.  This flame was never a person.  If you chose to believe in the concept of these labels then you would understand it as an energy able to permeate the veils.  It’s a pillar of energy that is a connection between your higher self and your body.  You must understand this to be an infinite energy, involving endless timelines.  This energy can come to you in billions of different ways.  It’s a sacred, spiritual fire.  A creative emotional or heart centered energy.  When you tune in to yourself within, it opens new portals and gateways into magic.  Your intuition is pulling you towards this flame.  It’s an energetic opportunity to become one with your higher self.  It’s a personal potential of your own Divinity that once sparked will burst into potential points creating new realities.  This spark is the starting point of all consciousness, therefore it is found in all of creation.  

Check Out Our Merkabah Activation…

Your Lightbody, or merkabah, is a gridwork of light and sacred geometry that brings together your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. This body radiates light energy and electromagnetically links your multidimensional self with the infinite universe. The Lightbody is sacred geometry that transcends space, time and dimensions. It connects you to your encoded data through high electrical currents that assist you in translating and manifesting your soul blueprint. As you activate your Lightbody, you reorganize your molecular structure, allowing your body to be less dense and more free to express itself with the source of the universe. Each activation session increases the amount of light you are holding in your molecular structure and physical cells. Each activation brings higher light vibrations and information in contact with your mental body. Each session will bring you greater wisdom and clarity with your connection with spirit through the process of clearing and releasing the deepest layers of your core human issues.

Astrology For April 2017

A lot of the planets visit Taurus throughout this month. This is my sign, it keeps people grounded. So work at staying grounded, get out into nature. Mars will be in Taurus until the 21st. This will give us lots of tasks to do, Taurus is a sign that works very hard. Mercury will be retrograde from April 9-20th in Taurus. Make sure your doing things with a clear and logical plan. The Sun will zoom through Taurus on the 19th. This will awaken our environmental consciousness, It’s time to get outside into the Sun at this point. Taurus is all about money management and anything considered valuable. On the 26th a new moon in Taurus will help with job offers and any investments. Let’s not forget that Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Let’s manifest love and abundance!

Here is a list of some of my favorite new age deceptions exposed..

Ignore the negative, bad, evil, negative or darkness… they say that to give it attention strengthens it, but in all actuality we must face it and conquer it. We all must experience darkness at one point and ignoring it just gives it power to do anything.

Never get angry.. anger is necessary to inspire change. This is what fuels positive results.

We are all one, everything is good.. in all actuality there are many dimensions here in the same place with many people at many different points in their evolution. While it’s important to not support a dualistic way of thinking let’s be realistic here. Not everyone will ascend this life.

False forgiveness.. they always say to turn the other cheek and to get along with everyone. This is dangerous in that it promotes no boundaries. Toxic people are toxic people, your not meant to deal with it in any form.

Enlightenment is only about changing yourself.. enlightenment is about finding your light and sharing it with the world.

The new age era is coming we don’t have to do anything but to stay positive to see it.. this is the worst deception because this is going to take effort from all of us. We have to become the change we want to see. If we want to survive we must wake up and work together for the good of all.

What you don’t like is all a reflection of you.. these are analogies that are thrown out to avoid ones behavior. Not everything is a projection of yourself, it’s about discerning what is and what isn’t.

The only thing that matters is my intent.. your actions always supersede your intentions.

Evil is necessary.. while it may be necessary in the lower dimensions it is non existent in the higher ones. It is not necessary at all, there are other ways to learn.

As above so below applied to everyone and everything.. blind application to the law of correspondence is being made. Balance and discernment are everything.


Public service announcement: Don’t judge my path because I can see where I end up. Judging lowers your vibration so when you feel your in a position to judge me, your actually judging Gods work. I am a masterpiece still being molded into that ultimate form. When we judge the art we are in fact judging the sculptor. In fact your words aren’t even about me. There are actually about you. Focus on yourself and work on cultivating your own light and healing. Amazing that you think your above I any way, I know the truth we are all equal. If my truth is triggering you then you have things to work on not me. P.S. Sparks and I are going to vibrate out of here, and anyone is welcome to come with us, we would never judge anyone.

Metaphysical Convention of Connecticut

Tracy Lee will be the keynote speaker at this event hosted by Bronwyn Burns on Memorial Day Weekend this coming May. Jared Sullivan will also be speaking as well as Robin Markowitz. Jared and Tracy Lee will also both be available for private sessions during our time in Connecticut. Tickets will be on sale soon. Join METAPHYSICAL CONVENTION OF CONNECTICUT ? MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND 2017 ! Group for updates and more information. Hope to see many of you North Easterners there 🙂

For more info check out our Facebook event:


The spiritual world is truth and the material world is an illusion. I am working on bringing the spiritual world into the physical. We are working on merging the other dimensions together right now. As this is happening old 3D timelines are collapsing and disintegrating. Please let go of all expectations right now, this retrograde is all about surrendering. We are hanging on to the old to tightly, just let go and go with the flow.. We need to get back to our pure state of being and we need to work on creating the new. We need to completely shift our focus right now. Love and abundance are your new truth, so let go of fear and anxiety, consciousness is shifting and expanding and we all know once we wake up we must evolve! Live in the moment and love yourself more! You were made to become amazing!


I’m over people using spirituality for egoic reasons. Because your spiritual doesn’t make you special or better then people that don’t align with your beliefs. We may be at different levels of consciousness but we are all equal. We all have equal potential to rise. This works easier when you start supporting and encouraging each other. We all have so much negative programming and damage to heal and reverse. Everyone is going through something you know nothing about right now. We need more love, empathy, and compassion so start with those you love. Spirituality isn’t about making others feel bad about themselves, or about making yourself feel better. Spirituality is about cultivating your light and sharing it with the world. This world has changed to the blind leading the blind, so I now omit my own frequency. I am creating my own path, and now these things are simple for me. When you judge me your judging yourself, when you love me your loving yourself. It’s simple if you want love be more loving. So my path might be wrong for you, but for me it’s my path, and I’m right where I should be.