What Is The Fifth Dimension

imageThere is a lot of information channeled, and written, about the Fifth Dimension. Humanity is ascending into a new realm of existence. Many people are experiencing their own version of visions and downloads about the Fifth Dimension. The dimensions are basically like an onion so the Fifth Dimension is right on top of the Third Dimension. The Third Dimension is where humanity currently is. The Third Dimension is about free will, so that means the dark has just as much free will as the light does.

According to ascension teachings the earth and everyone on it are shifting into a new reality, a higher level of consciousness. This will be a consciousness where love, peace, compassion, and spiritual wisdom prevail. This is the Fifth Dimension.

People will be moving into the Fifth Dimension at their own pace, it is a process, it takes time and patience. Your frequency has to be high enough to match the higher vibration of the Fifth Dimension. I keep telling everyone to raise their vibration. I can tell you that I live in the Fifth Dimension, I work everyday at being a better person and I only eat high vibration foods.

December 21, 2012 on the Mayan calander marked the mid point of this shift, when an important change of energy occurred. Things are now picking up pass, and evolving more rapidly. In the Fifth Dimension you can instant manifest anything you want. This sounds like a fairy tale. All people living in peace and harmony, experiencing oneness with all life. A world where we respect all the people and Gaia, our Mother Earth. Love and compassion is all there is. This is a place with no fear, that has been replaced by trust in The Divine. Everyone is awake, we are all awake to the fact that we are spiritual multi-dimensional beings. This is a place of equality, justice, and respect for all human beings. There is no more hunger, poverty, or crime. We all live in abundance. This is a place where people freely communicate with E.T.s and travel to other planets, galaxies, and distant parts of the Universe. W have all lived hundreds of thousands of lives and we all have been E.T.s in past lives. When we were born we descended into the Third Dimension, a world full of struggle, suffering, and lack of a direct connection to Source.

Many of us are having dreams, intuitive feelings, clear visions, and inward knowing about the reality of humanities future. If we go within we will find that these dreams of a peaceful world, full of love are actually memories. We all lived and experienced these higher levels of consciousness. We are all longing to go home, to the Fifth Dimension.

Your probably wondering how a world full of darkness, prejudice, war, and injustice can transcend this. Thousands of people on the planet are waking up. This is a spiritual awakening. This is happening at a rapid rate. Not everyone is going to make the choice to ascend to the Fifth Dimension. You are still in the Third Dimension where free will is your undoing. You have to consciously make the shift to the Fifth.

Many or choosing to hold on to this Third Dinension paradigm. Right now earth, wind, and fire are destroying the Third Dimension. Those that wish to continue learning in the Third Dimension will be choosing to leave the earth and move on to another part of the universe to another planet to keep learning for another 750,000 years. They will continue to learn in the Third Dimension reality. These people will see the end of earth and all of the destruction.

Those that are staying to build the new earth are goi g through intense changes now. Our bodies are raising vibration to match the Earth’s vibration. These changes are needed to shift to higher levels of consciousness.

The Third Dimension is a state of coins opus was. It is also very limited and restricted. We have been living in the Third Dimension for lifetime upon lifetime of lives. We have come to accept this reality we have lived in for so long. The Third Dimensional operating system runs on rigid beliefs and a inflexible set of rules and limits. For example you have all been taught that bodies are solid and that we can’t merge two into one. We have been taught that we can’t read each other’s minds. There is a belief in in duality, and judgement and fear are prevalent.

The Fourth Dimension is the bridge between the Third Dimension and the Fifth Dimension. We are preparing ourselves for the Fifth Dimension.

We experience the Fourth Dimension when we have our spiritual awakening or open our heart chakra. Many people have been in the Fourth Dimension for years, and don’t realize it. The Fourth Dimension will feel lighter, less rigid. You will feel a sense of spaciousness and be uplifted. You will feel only present time, you are living in the now. Past and future become obsolete, in real time both are assessable. Manifesting is faster in the Fourth Dimension. You live in love, gratitude, and joy.

The Fifth dimension is of love and ruled by the heart chakra. In order to live in the Fifth Dimension is all mental and emotional baggage must be dealt with. No fear, anger, hostility, guilt, or anxiety can exist there. There is no suffering or sense of separation. You have to master your thoughts. We are all one. In the Fifth Dimension you will be able to speak telepathically, and anything you think of will instant manifest.