Twin Flame Update



imageI lived very unconsciously until I met my twin flame. This is an amazing love that is transforming every area of my life, this is divine love. It is because of each other that gives us any power at all. You can only perform a sacred marriage with your twin flame. This is alchemy, we are transforming our bodies and our minds. We are two bodies that share one soul. We each chose our lives, incarnated on earth, finished each of our karma, and when we reached a certain point in our spiritual evolution, we were brought back together by the Universe. As people we forget in making our plans, that we already picked out how are lives would go, we just forget.

So many twin flames are being brought together. We all picked to see these events that are unfolding now. Things finally make sense for me. If you heal the soul the body will follow. We must heal ourselves and learn to love ourselves to reunite with our twin flame. Through self love you are loving an aspect of The Divine. In loving yourself you are loving your twin flame. Once you reach a certain level of spiritual evolution you and your twin flame will reunite. My flame and I are on a mission to heal humanity. This is a time of healing…