The Universal Law of Soul Evolution

The Universal law of Soul Evolution means that everyone on Earth shares the goal of spiritual evolution. We all incarnated here to evolve spiritually. We do this by rising above the reptile fear based program of 3D, and learning unconditional love. As we raise our vibrational state we move into harmony with everything and everyone. Even those that appear are not choosing to evolve are making progress. Everyone is exactly where they should be. You raise your vibration by making positive choices in your life, you do this from a heart centered place. Everything is energy, including your vibration. When you have lots of positive energy it raises the vibration of every cell in your body. As a healer I know that when I heal someone I am helping that person, but I am healing myself as well. This same law can be applied to lower vibrational things. If you watch a negative television show it will lower your vibration and keep you in a state of fear. You incarnated here to learn certain lessons while fulfilling your soul contracts. This may involve various karmic relationships. Any karmic relationship you are in will present you a chance at ending the wheel of karma. The end goal is peace, love, and harmony. You find happiness through having as many experiences as possible. You can end the wheel of karma and use better judgement to find a better partner, or you will continue to experience these painful lessons of the 3rd dimension.