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On The Energies…

We are going through a major upgrade right now.  We are still in the Lions Gate Portal until the 12th.  The Earth is still in alignment with the Galactic Center of the Universe.  The Galactic Center is a source of light that sends energy to the Universe.  We are still being flooded with light codes.  These are high frequency energies meant to awaken your DNA.  Much about your DNA has been hidden from you in an attempt to keep it dormant.  These ascension codes are activating you.  This means we are integrating all of these light codes and it’s changing everything about us on a cellular level.  Physically as your holding more light your frequency is going up.  There is a major planetary shift occurring right now.  You may have even been feeling these powerful surges of energy within the body.  Many are awakening and activating there light body. Many are even ascending into there rainbow light body.  Until these energies this may not have even have been possible for most people.  This weeks energy will be extra powerful as we still have lots of energies coming in from Sirius, Orion, Mintaka, our Sun, and the Central Sun.  Many are remembering there Galactic connection and even there true purpose for being here.  There is still a deep healing occurring within the heart chakra at this time.  The closing of the Lions Gate Portal will occur the 12th.  This energy may feel intense as we are still clearing a lot of dense energy.  Earth is also passing through the path of Comet Swift Tuttle.  We have been in the Perseids Meteor Shower, which will also peak the 12th.  This will be the densest and dustiest area of this meteor shower.  This energy is activating a ton of star power with it.  It will be raining stars bringing some extra magic with it.  This is a powerful time so be extra positive with your thoughts.  Things are manifesting rapidly in these energies.

On The Energies…

We have powerful energies entering the Planet.  These incoming frequencies are waves of 5D crystalline energies.  These waves of light are streaming to us from the Central Sun at the Galactic Core.  We are in a very energetic area of our Solar System and these are very Galactic energies.  These are powerful cosmic rays that are affecting all of us.  Things are going to continue to intensify as these energies continue to increase.  Since the Sun and the Earth’s magnetic fields are weak it’s allowing more and more of these energies into our Solar System.  The amount of cosmic rays reaching Earth in 2020 has almost reached a Space Age peak.  Many people are feeling things on a physical level.  As your DNA is responding to these codes of light you may be experiencing shifts within your body.  As your DNA continues to resonate with these higher frequencies your consciousness will also expand.  Since we are integrating a lot of new energies it can cause ascension symptoms.  These energies may be making you feel anxious, irritable, stressed, time warps, like time is going to fast, lack of sleep, issues staying asleep, depressed, exhausted or lethargic, more sensitive to food and chemicals, hot flashes, flu like symptoms, ringing in ears, purging or detoxing, nausea, crazy dreams or even nightmares, vision problems, or even itchy.  Many of you are in fact Starseeds and are beginning to remember that at this time.  These energy shifts and cosmic multidimensional events are occurring more and more frequently.  Many believe we are waiting for a Solar Event or a Solar Flash.  There are many people predicting it will occur at the end of this year.  What is clear is that we are meant to be raising our vibrational frequency and healing so that we can keep up with these new energies.  These energies are amazing once you come into alignment with yourself.  You may even experience how easily you can manifest, an increase in synchronicity, a heightened psychic awareness, an increase in telepathic abilities, feeling of love and bliss, an increase in abundance, and even miracles.

Light-body Activations In Progress

Your going through light-body upgrades and integration.  As these waves of energy are hitting the planet light codes are activating you.  These are energetic patterns made of certain frequencies.  We are accessing these light-codes in multiple dimensions.  Some people were sent carrying light codes from higher realms or galactic origins and are able to activate them in others.  Each code contains packets of information and even Planetary coordinates.  These codes activate our sub conscious mind.  These light codes restructure the grids of the body, back in alignment with Divine will.  Any type of light languages are an encoded communication with the higher dimensions.  These are etheric instructions meant to upgrade your entire energetic system.  These codes are an interface between your consciousness and the higher realms.  These are the records of who you are, coded information ready to be updated.  Now that the Starseeds are activating we are creating a higher vibrational grid, which is opening space multidimensionally.   The light-body activations your receiving are encoded infusions of light.  Your cells are being activated.  Your cells are losing density.  Any emotional debris or toxins are being purged out.  We are going through this Ascension process rapidly.  Any Ascension symptoms are because theses light body activations are taking place rapidly from one level to another without allowing the body time to integrate.  Your DNA holds your genetic patterns, and the patterns of anything ever created.  The codes are being activated and upgraded.  This is holographically encoded information of all your collective experiences.  

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