I’m over people using spirituality for egoic reasons. Because your spiritual doesn’t make you special or better then people that don’t align with your beliefs. We may be at different levels of consciousness but we are all equal. We all have equal potential to rise. This works easier when you start supporting and encouraging each other. We all have so much negative programming and damage to heal and reverse. Everyone is going through something you know nothing about right now. We need more love, empathy, and compassion so start with those you love. Spirituality isn’t about making others feel bad about themselves, or about making yourself feel better. Spirituality is about cultivating your light and sharing it with the world. This world has changed to the blind leading the blind, so I now omit my own frequency. I am creating my own path, and now these things are simple for me. When you judge me your judging yourself, when you love me your loving yourself. It’s simple if you want love be more loving. So my path might be wrong for you, but for me it’s my path, and I’m right where I should be.