Hive Mind

We all began our journey in the 3rd dimension. We are all indoctrinated with theories, lies, and half truths. We have all been academically brainwashed with concepts that we take on as the truth. The result is we are being made into clones, that’s why most of our society has become a collective automated consciousness. These integrated mind patterns have become similar to a hive mind. Human consciousness has been hijacked and many people go through life never questioning what they have been taught. The hive mind is fractal on all levels. Hive thinking leads to the loss of personal accountability. It makes it easy for the drone operators to kill others by pushing a button, the dental hygienist poisoning their patients with fluoride, nurses poisoning their patients with toxic pharmacuticles, just people taking orders and doing their jobs. Just as worker bees serve the queen, humans are serving luciferian agendas forgetting their are laws that govern the matrix, karmic laws. A hive mind police officer is on every corner, this is a matrix of control. These are the people that try to ensure that consciousness stays locked. These are the people that will convince you that you have limited options, even though we know we really have infinite possibilities. Many of us are going through a spiritual rebirth. We have unplugged from this matrix and we are resonating in a spiritual reality. The electro magnetic fields that block our cosmic memory are now at their weakest. This is waking up humanity. We must unplug from the matrix to plug back into higher truths.