Spiritual Ascension

We are all experiencing something huge right now! There is a lot going on and everyone is being affected. There are those that are descending. These people are falling fast and dying, like a physical death. They are choosing to remain in the 3rd dimension so they must incarnate into the other planet. There is a lot of sickness, like cancer and just everything, mostly man-made or man-caused. These people are aging and falling fast. It is not a good time to choose to be descending. In the same place there are many working on their Ascension. Those people will stay right here, we will be the only ones remaining here. Everyday these people are getting younger and healthier. Everyday gets better for these people, but they are getting sick to. There are many people getting ascension symptoms because of the time constraints we have left in this world. We are being upgraded rapidly. This energy is having an effect on everyone on the planet. We have been in a modern plague, and it comes in many sicknesses. Our air, water, and food is being poisoned. Vaccines and pharmacuticles are made to adversely affect our DNA. This is the epidemic. Take your multi-vitamins.