Twin Flame Past Life Healing

£ 555.00



A great healing for your past lives.  Great for healing emotional baggage, or unresolved emotional baggage.  Healing for you and your Twin Flame.  This healing will give you more insight into your past lives.  Understand more of your past life lessons with your Twin Flame, and how they connect to the now.  Heals unresolved issues so that you can see your relationships from a higher perspective.  Past life healing enables personal growth, spiritual transformation, self-empowerment, and attuning to your true essence.  Access ancient wisdom.  Better connect to your past life experiences.  Heals your past.  Heals old past life patterns you or your Twin Flame may be still playing out.  Healing for your past lives and ancestral line.  Tapping into the past and integrating that knowledge into the now.  Heals past life emotional blocks.  Healing for generational and past life trauma.  Healing for blocks in your Union.  Heals blocks from past lives, and generational inheritance.  Great for healing past life separating wounds.  Great for healing past life stories playing out within or around your connection now.

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