Twin Flame Heart Chakra Pain Package

£ 311.00



Heart pain can be felt on a physical level.  When you feel emotional pain, you may feel physical pain or experience issues in the related spot in your physical body.  The home of your twin flame connection is your twin flame heart chakra cord. That’s one of the points where you’re connected as part of your twin flame journey. It’s not the only spot, but it’s a very active and sensitive one.  As part of your twin flame relationship growth process, you’ll heal all the connection points throughout your bodies and in your energetic centers.  This is a deep healing for your heart chakra.  Which will in turn heal the cord, connections, and your Twin Flames heart and soul.  Twin Flames go through an intense heart chakra activation.  It can bring on tense feelings, be it negative or positive ones, to begin with, depending on the commitment issues. attachment issues, and trust issues that you may or may not have started to work on already by this point.  A deep healing for any pain or trauma stored in your heart chakra and the connection.  Heals any anger, or resentments.  Separation causes a lot of heart chakra pain.  Helps to heal that.

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