Twin Flame Love Triangle Healing Package

£ 355.00



You may have entered into a triangulation situation not trying.  Twin flames can be with another partner when you met, leave and go be with someone else, or have people around them interested in dating them.  This can create blocks and challenges towards Union.  It can slow things down.   It can affect how they feel about you.   This can be because of how their soul contracts are laid out, they may already be immersed or stuck in the situation, or may chose to be with someone else.  They’re karmics know about you as soon as you arrive.  They do try to keep them separated from you, and do everything they can to keep you apart.   The Flame may think it’s easier to give in, or they may be already married.  The karmics send you negative energies and can even visit you to attack you on the astral planes.  This is protection for you and your Twin Flame.  They often don’t see what’s going on, that the karmics don’t mean them well either.  A healing package to release negative emotions and energies the connection has brought up for you.  Helps your Twin Flame to see things more clearly.  Heals and clears negative outsiders from the connection .  Heals astral disturbances and negative forces from your Union.

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