Angelic Higher Union Activation

£ 66.00



Your Twin Flame Union is actually an Angelic Union.  It’s what happens when you reach those higher levels.  This is an Angelic Higher Union Activation.  Will help to shift you to seeing the angels.  Will help you in attracting, manifesting, or seeing your Angelic Divine Partner.  Will help to activate higher templates and higher self aspects bringing them down into the physical.  Will help you with attracting more angelic encounters and assistance in the physical.  This is great for clearing lower experiences and activating higher ones.  This is a Divine Angelic activation to help you in how and who you’re attracting in friendship and in love.  You must be able to see the Angels to come into Union with one.  To help you with your Angelic Connection and in attracting, and keeping that Angelic Partner.  Angels come into our lives to heal us, especially when it comes to love.  This is an activation to take you into a higher connection with the Angels.  

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