Twin Flame Healing Package

£ 555.00



This is the ultimate healing package for your love life.  Relationships with past people have affected your heart chakra and your love life.  Often times different situations and experiences have created deep hurts, wounds, and blocks around our love life.  We have blocked our own desires as we added more and more love blocks.  This is a healing for your heart chakra, love life, and twin flame connection.  Even if you haven’t met this person your healing heals them.  Doing the deep healing work will help them to find you.  In a relationship those blocks are getting in the way.  A healing for any blocks in your love life and in your twin flame situations.  One of the most common blocks is attracting the wrong type of partner.  Doing this healing will help open you up to that true twin flame connection.  In one will help you to mirror more love into it.  Will help with clearing and healing any blocks in the connection.

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