Twin Flame DNA Upgrade Package

£ 555.00



This is a DNA for anyone wanting to activate higher union.  This is a DNA activation just for Twin Flames.  Will help you with manifesting higher union in the physical, becoming more tuned in and telepathic with your Twin Flame.  Great for anyone no matter where they are in the process. A destined connection.  Will help with your Twin Flame connection, strengthen your intuition, clear insecurities, opening you up to more magic and understanding in the connection, feeling more of this person and the emotional connection, overall healing, huge energetic and physical shifts.  Shifts in your Twin Flame connection that manifest no matter what your situation.  This is an activation for your DNA just for your Twin Flame Union.  As the codes in your DNA activate you will shift closer to your Twin Flame.  This healing will help you to have more energy, clearing bad habits, slows down the aging process, more clarity and overall healing, helps activate your senses, increase in manifesting, and more synchronicity.

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