Twin Flame Coaching Package

£ 888.00



This is 6 twin flame/ relationship coaching sessions.  It’s done best over 3 weeks too.  This is for you to really get on your path.  It’s so important that you’re finding a good mentor that can help you to that next level in your life.  We go through a deep healing for you, your love life, and your twin flame connection.  Great for anyone no matter what the situation.  You may do this as healing for yourself, or for your connection.  Amazing for wanting to do the deeper work to manifest a twin flame connection or to bring love into your existing connection.  This is deep healing and activating of higher twin flame templates.  Unlocking higher blueprints.  We go through lots of clearing of the things in your way.  This is like having a personal healer for your love life! Amazing for anyone wanting to go deeper into the Twin Flame connection or to just heal your heart.  Deep healing for your love life, however done as phone sessions.  Healing your love and separation blocks together.  

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