Twin Flame Past Life Karma Healing Package

£ 555.00



The number one reason that has kept so many Twins from full Union is past life karma.  Karmic baggage plays a major role in keeping twins in separation.  Once the karma is healed fully you are able to shift into a full union.  This is the ultimate karma healing package.  If you have had a karmic family situation, or karmic partners these things have affected your energy.  In fact we pick up soul ties and cords from these type of situations.  A deep healing to clear your energies of any past karma.  This is a deep healing that will clear the past lifetimes it’s coming from, or associated with.  Most of the wounds between twin flames are rooted in past lives.  All twin flames also carry karma with each other.  A deep healing for the karma between you and your twin.  Healing those deep wounds!

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