Arcturian Twin Flame Clearing

£ 155.00


Twin flame connections are very rare as they require a split in the soul to be created.  Ofton times that’s where the pain can lie in the connection.  Healing for both you and your Twin Flame.  Clears both of your energy and the connection between you both.  A great clearing.  Clears dense energies that can weight down you and the connection.  Heals wounds on both ends.  Energies to heal the grief that has been triggered.  Heals and clears painful emotions.  Clears and unblocks, you, your Twin Flame, and the connection.  Great for everyone.  Channeled Arcturian Energies to raise your Twin Flame vibrations to that of the 5th dimension.  Raises your frequency.  Both Twin Flames are healing, and this can be at different speeds.  The healing process can be intense.  Great for if you’re feeling tired and burned out on your ascension journey.  Renew and regenerate your personal auric field.

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