Healing Package For Relationship Trauma/ Relationship PTSD

£ 211.00


Relationship trauma is a real thing.  This is where you are drawing partners or dynamics that reflect your inner wounds or trauma in some way.  It’s a familiar dynamic in some way to your past or childhood.  This could be drawing a partner like your parent or attracting the same type, or types that are not good for you.  If you have experienced multiple relationship traumas it can really affect your inner programming and your energy.  This is a healing for any relationship trauma.  Ofton the trauma is gone and we have been left with the effects.  When we carry relationship trauma or can make us closed off, warry to date, attracting the wrong partners, and pushing away our partners.  It creates major blocks.  The more relationship trauma you have been through the more it affects our energy and how we connect.  A deep healing for any relationship trauma you have been through, great for healing unconscious past life relationship trauma too, and any blocks from it.  An indicator you carry a lot of relationship trauma is worrying about past or current relationships too much.  Not wanting to people or isolating is a huge indicator or relationship trauma.  A sign you’re carrying relationship trauma is not feeling worthy of a healthy or good relationship.  Unconsciously drawing the wrong dynamics.  Having issues trusting people or your partners.  This is a healing for any emotional trauma that you are carrying from past relationships of any kind.

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