Twin Flame Separation Healing Package

£ 311.00



Twin Flame separation can be the worst.  We all experience it on an unconscious level until we manifest union.  This is a connection you can never get over.  You’re not meant too.  If you are in 5D alignment you will be in a Union.  Desperation can manifest as a breakup, being ignored, no contact, either with someone else, or being brushed off.  It can be from a chaser or runner dynamic.  This can triggers a need to heal.  It’s showing you that you need to heal to come into union.  Many get glimpses of how amazing it will be then go into a healing crisis.  This can look like different blocks, issues, traumas, or energies coming up to deal with.  It could feel like the timing was off.  It’s actually you separated if you are experiencing a Twin Flame Separation.  It can trigger a dark night of the soul or being left feeling broken or even spiritually depressed.  This is a deep healing. Those that do the healing work with me come into Unions and better Unions.  Twin flame codes to heal any separation issues.  If you have been with a karmic this is the perfect healing to come back home to your Flame.  Our own connections may have at times cut us off not knowing it.  This is a healing for your own energy and any baggage that has been blocking you in love, or in your Twin Flame connection.  Heals heal past pain and wounds.  Helps to heal you, your Twin Flame and their connection.  Heals separation sickness.  During a separation you may feel deep inner sadness for no apparent reason, purging your past, this lifetime and others, depression, negative thoughts, emotional or crying, body aches and pains, feeling obsessive or like withdrawing, sleep issues, or dream connection to your Twin Flame, feelings of loneliness,  being upset with or really wanting to be with your Twin Flame.  Many feel all of this unconsciously until they anchor into full 5D Twin Flame Union.

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