Twin Flame Past Life Healing Package

£ 255.00



Most of your fears, traumas, and triggers come from past lifetimes.  Even your childhood and family you incarnated into comes from your past lives.  Ofton times we are looping past life experiences, stories, and traumas.  These are the things that keep you in separation, or keep you from coming into Union fully.  This is an amazing healing for your past lives, past life karma, and past life programs that are still running.  You have come here again and again with the same soul.  When you remember and release, it helps to heal current relationships.  This healing helps with habits, anxieties, overcoming fears or phobias.  Helps to heal the root cause of the negative intense feelings that have come up as blocks in your connections.  These emotions, triggers, and feelings are coming through from many lifetimes ago.  An amazing past life healing.

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