Twin Flame Ghosting Healing Package

£ 255.00



Over getting the wrong types.  Been pushed away? Ghosted? Liked people who didn’t like you back? Tried with unavailable partners.  Drawing toxic people in cycles of dysfunction or addiction.  This is where the healing work comes in.  Until you heal you tend to attract the opposite of what you do want.  The ultimate energy healing package to break these deeper patterns.  Will help you to magnet your Twin Flame to you.  Helps to heal and release deep blocks within your system going way back to your childhood programming.  Have you noticed that you are recreating similar pattens each time.  Wanting to heal and break those systems so you can shift into a lasting union.  If you haven’t met your flame, have and are being ignored, ghosted, or cut off will help so much to shift out of those unhealthy dynamics.  Helps to shift out of those no contact phases.  Healing the deeper issues to shift towards that union.

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