3rd Party Premium Healing Package

£ 999.00



This is an amazing healing to clear on both sides the karmics.  Past karmic partners have damaged both of your relationship templates.  This has landed you both in karmic relationships with past or current karmic partners.  A third party is anyone in your field throwing off Union.  This can commonly happen on either side.  This is anyone outside of the connection coming between the two Twin Flames.  Usually anyone who has or is dating either of the Twin Flames.  This is an hour of deep healing for you and your Twin Flames past or current relationships. Amazing for everyone no matter what your situation.  Healing for romantic roadblocks caused by past partners/ current partners.  Healing for past or current connections standing in the way, or blocking the connection.  Heals deep wounds left by past partners on both sides.  Some signs of a 3rd party are separation, secretive behavior, sudden changes in behavior or attitude, and lack of communication or intimacy.  Clears the karmics who become an obstacle or third wheel to your Union.  Clears, releases, and heals karmic ties.  Your Twin Flames karmic is always a projection of your own energy.  Clears the projections.  Clears and heals energy obstructions or distortions.  Clears third party entities.  Great for clearing past partners or even healing Twin Flame love triangles.  Grey for healing for outside interference and outside energies.

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